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National Fish Farmers Brigade Ghana-(NFFBGHANA) was established to support poor and marginalised rural communities especially youth and women in the year 2000 as CBO and was formally incorporated as a company limited by guarantee by Registrar General Department in May,2010 under Ghanas Company Code (Act179).

NFFBGHANA is a Brigade committed to the process of building an infrastructure for the handling of locally produced fish products as well as research and consultancy support into current technologies that will progressively propel the Ghanaian fishing industry into the global market with an unbeatable competitive edge.

How It All Started

Prince Dugah Farms and Food Processing is a Tilapia processing enterprise. The Chief Executive Officer realising the profitability of the Tilapia producing business, took it upon himself to sensitize Ghanaians on this lucrative business. Seminars and workshops were organize to carry out this sensitisation programme. Thousands were sensitized through the use of various radio stations in the country.

A lot of people expressed the interest to go into this fish farming business but lacked the capital to commence .To secure capital for the participants and help the others to have a feel of being a fish farmer and to build up capital for them for future investments. It was against this background that the National Fish farmers Brigade was formed.



To become the biggest Fish Farming and Distribution Organisation in Ghana. And improving the living standards of the people in our communities by presenting them with the opportunity to invest for themselves and future generations.


To compliment the supply of fish (Tilapia) for intake in Ghana and export to help curtail the use of foreign exchange for imports of the same commodities for Ghana.

To develop an effective and efficient Fish Farmers Brigade capable of mobilizing resources and networking with others with the view of improving fish farming in Ghana by motivating and providing training opportunities for all stakeholders.


The core values and standards for the operation of the Brigade upon which NFFBGHANA operates are;

NFFBGHANA is infused with professionalism, good organisational governance, effective team work that seek to maintain acceptable behaviour in the delivery of services to all stakeholders.

NFFBGHANA is accountable to all investors & stakeholders with transparent financial and administrative management. It shall ran an open and clean organisation with respect to core organizational ethics.

NFFBGHANA will network and collaborate with all stakeholders in the bid to achieving its vision, mission and core values.

Board & Management

Board of Directors

The company is managed by a seven member board of directors namely:

  1. Dr. Peter Ziddah Fisheries Commission Ghana
  2. Hon.Kafui Bekoe DCE South Dayi District Assembly.
  3. Mr.Manu Director of Fisheries Eastern Region.
  4. Miss Agatha Anokwa Senior Private and Confidential Secretary MoFA
  5. Rev. Prince Dugah C.E.O National Fish Farmers Brigade-Ghana.
  6. Alexis Dwamena-Head Of Development Financing Agric.Dev.Bank.
  7. Mr.Kofi Kludjeson (Ex-President-Association of Ghana Industries)


Management Team

NFFBGHANA employs highly qualified specialized personnel skilled in management & finance disciplines.

Our management team has combined experience in various spheres of the business.With this detailed insight into the business,we are able to appreciate and determine the taste of our customers and consumers in this market. We use our combined expertise to develop a comprehensive Marketing strategies & production techniques that serves as the backbone of the business.The team brings to all stakeholders the benefit of a blend of both experienced and dynamic staff whose concern is to make available to you the state of the art techniques in fish production that will meet the needs and wants of the our target market.



At NFFBGHANA, our people are handpicked and are all skillfully mentored in our outstanding methodology of corporate operations. This is evident in our dealings with customers and all stakeholders. Our seasoned and skillful staff work with zeal and a vivid passion that depicts the enjoyment they derive in what they do.

NFFBGHANA absolutely committed to team work since we believe is the sure way to providing exceptional services and creating outstanding products.